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Virtual CIO services are increasingly popular for companies seeking IT strategy assistance – without the hefty price tag. Discover how we’re committed to providing Texas businesses the flexible support they require!

What Does a vCIO Do?

Many tech companies can’t afford an in-house, full-time virtual chief information officer. That’s where virtual CIO services come in. By bridging the gap between technology and business, Live Oak’s experts provide tailored recommendations that align with your strategies and budgets, including:

  • Developing a clear vision and present, short-term, and long-term IT strategy
    • Assessing current infrastructure
    • Identifying areas for improvement
    • Streamlining operations
    • Adhering to long-term strategies
  • Supporting the team’s IT initiatives and strategies
  • Creating a roadmap for technological implementation, upgrades, and maintenance to support evolving needs.
  • Advising on various IT issues, including trends, management, and operational efficiency.
  • Alerting businesses about compliance requirements 
  • Creating quarterly and annual budgets
  • Reviewing and reporting on IT system performance
  • Proposing technology solutions to tackle business goals
  • Ensuring technology systems are secure and compliant
    • Focusing on relevant laws and regulations
    • Assessing cybersecurity risks 
  • Developing/maintaining disaster recovery plans (to ensure minimal disruption in the event of a crisis).
  • Overseeing IT budgets and costs
    • Providing cost-effective solutions for technology investments
    • Helping to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Cultivating & implementing IT standards
    • Developing & managing a CIO dashboard with business metrics
    • Training team program support
  • Supporting vendor relationships

Note: A vCIO provides strategic advice and solutions to management. The decision-making power rests with your C-suite.

Does My Business Need Virtual CIO Services?

Most clients contact us for vCIO services if they’re a smaller business, a start-up, or have budget constraints. They want to stay competitive in their industry, but their current leadership lacks the skills to make effective technological changes.

If you’re struggling to remain updated on industry trends or lack coordination between management and tech teams, a vCIO is a great way to scale your leadership needs.

Reach out to Live Oak

Just like managed IT services, each vCIO partnership requires individualized plans and achievable expectations. The right vCIO will build – and maintain – a close relationship with your business, ensuring long-term success and satisfaction. 

Discover how the Live Oak team can expand and support your long-term strategies. Please make an appointment to discuss your current operations and needs!

Exceeding Expectations Since 2014

At Live Oak, your business will always talk to real humans, not chatbots. We make it easy to resolve issues, streamline communication, and take care of IT tasks.

To remove security vulnerabilities (like adding and removing staff from working environments), Live Oak IT manages all client work under “one roof.”

No two businesses’ needs are the same. Once we get started, every enterprise receives a custom IT roadmap to identify gaps and craft a detailed plan of action.

We don’t believe in hidden fees. Our customers always know what they’re being charged for – before they receive a bill.

In order to identify and address IT issues, a proactive team ensures that there will be minimal disruptions down the line.

If you’ve recently had turnover or have never had an in-house team, it can be challenging to understand ever-evolving technologies and best practices. Every quarter, our experts will provide you with the highlights and recommendations.

Our team of IT professionals goes above and beyond to provide each partner with custom solutions.

We don’t take your trust lightly. That’s why we never outsource our customer service to other businesses or other countries. When you partner with us, you’re working with Live Oak – and only Live Oak

Whether you require hardware procurement, co-managed IT, or a vCIO, our custom services tick all of your boxes. 

Looking to take your business to the next level? Let’s talk!

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Every business has unique challenges. That’s why Live Oak IT provides individual attention and problem-solving – with fast turnaround.

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