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We’re always hiring for the following roles:

  • L2 Engineers: work on the front lines of our service desk, helping our clients solve various IT-related technical problems. Apply here.
  • Field Sales Representatives: engage with prospective clients to determine if we are the right solution for their needs. Apply here.

Everyone here is willing to work with one another toward the same common goal of giving our clients the best service possible. There are no egos here, only team players. We are treated like adults and trusted to do the jobs we were hired to do. After 20 years in the MSP space, this is by far, the best company I’ve ever worked for.”

– Chris Ardoin

Imagine working with a power player on your team. It makes a huge difference. Now, imagine your ENTIRE team is made up of power players. That’s Live Oak. That’s where I work”

– Matt Oswald (LO Alumni)

I love the team I work with! The leaders here at Live Oak are not afraid to jump in head first and get their hands dirty. I also love the fact when there is an issue they come together as a team looking for a solution. I have seen Live Oak grow over the last almost 2 years and I am so proud to be a part of this company.

– Dallas Stolte

I have had the incredible opportunity to be part of the LiveOak team. I never thought I’d find a company that not only excels in the services they provide, but also consistently makes nurturing and supporting their employees a priority every day. The LiveOak Leadership team has put together an extraordinary culture of respect and inclusivity and merged it with an absolute dedication to excellence. It very easily makes LiveOak stand out as the best MSP you could work for. I was only paid $20 to write this.

– Alexandra Holt

Working at Live Oak has truly been a rewarding experience, many times over. In my five years with the company, I’ve been able to continually progress into more challenging roles, something that was unimaginable at previous employers. I’m very grateful for the ongoing opportunity to write my own story within the company while creating more effective ways to serve our partners.

– Tate Hubble

If I were in 4th grade gym class, and a kickball team captain, I would handpick and recruit each of my Live Oak IT coworkers to play on my team. They are whip smart, super lit and we have each other’s backs. This team wins!”

– Kristin Scheurer

Connecting and working with the Live Oak team has been incredible, it’s like buying a soda from a vending machine and having 30 cans fall out instead of just one. It’s 30x better than what I bargained for!”

– Lake Alexander

“Some companies say they are a family, this company truly believes it.”

– Isaac Clark (LO Alumni)

Team of Go Live Oak gathered together in a happy event

Team of Go Live Oak gathered together in a happy event

98% customer satisfaction

Every business has unique challenges. That’s why Live Oak IT provides individual attention and problem-solving – with fast turnaround.