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Facing challenges related to remote work? Our experienced IT professionals work hard to encourage team productivity, reexamine architecture, determine the right software and programs, and improve web security.

Why Does My Company Need Remote IT Support?

WFH creates new challenges for managing day-to-day IT issues. These can range from security threats (caused by connecting through unmanaged networks) to poor team communication.

By choosing the best MSP for remote IT support, you’ll have a partner that’s available anywhere, any time.

The Benefits of Our Remote IT Solutions

Most small- and medium-sized businesses struggle to support their remote users. But when set up correctly, we know that most IT issues can be sorted entirely online. From choosing the right remote collaboration tools to encouraging creative solutions, Live Oak has created WFH strategies for Texas companies of all sizes.

Support from a Full Team of Experts

Rather than hiring 1-2 people to handle an infinite range of IT issues, our partners always have an entire team of experts available. Let us focus on the day-to-day challenges and help you build a stronger future.

WFH Tools & Programs

Each partner’s needs differ, so our experts work with you to understand your challenges and ambitions. From configuring email server issues to migrating tool platforms to selecting antivirus software, no element is too small.

Reduced Cybersecurity Risks

You need remote IT solutions that work for you. The right programs and monitoring approach the way employees access data outside of the office. Our team works to remove the risk of data leaks and help your business adapt to ever-changing obstacles during any given workweek.

Easy Onboarding

To reduce their hardware footprint, remote offices need to migrate tools from their office to a cloud environment. We’ll develop a clear, tailored onboarding plan for new computers/devices that technicians can follow. This means that setup will always be done the same way.

Remote/WFH Solutions That Work for You

As Central Texas’ leading MSP, we’re uniquely qualified to develop complex WFH solutions for any digital business. After all, the Live Oak team has been working remotely since 2017!

Our experts offer unlimited support (both on-site and remote). Thanks to our collaboration and 24/7 security monitoring, your employees can work from anywhere – without the stress.

  • Developing WFH strategies that support stronger teamwork
  • Finding the best remote working platforms for your team
  • Identifying cybersecurity risks
  • Assisting businesses with purchasing the best technology for working remotely
  • Encouraging fully remote clients to create regular in-person team events.

Exceeding Expectations Since 2014

At Live Oak, your business will always talk to real humans, not chatbots. We make it easy to resolve issues, streamline communication, and take care of IT tasks.

To remove security vulnerabilities (like adding and removing staff from working environments), Live Oak IT manages all client work under “one roof.”

No two businesses’ needs are the same. Once we get started, every enterprise receives a custom IT roadmap to identify gaps and craft a detailed plan of action.

We don’t believe in hidden fees. Our customers always know what they’re being charged for – before they receive a bill.

In order to identify and address IT issues, a proactive team ensures that there will be minimal disruptions down the line.

If you’ve recently had turnover or have never had an in-house team, it can be challenging to understand ever-evolving technologies and best practices. Every quarter, our experts will provide you with the highlights and recommendations.

Our team of IT professionals goes above and beyond to provide each partner with custom solutions.

We don’t take your trust lightly. That’s why we never outsource our customer service to other businesses or other countries. When you partner with us, you’re working with Live Oak – and only Live Oak

Whether you require hardware procurement, co-managed IT, or a vCIO, our custom services tick all of your boxes. 

Looking to take your business to the next level? Let’s talk!

98% customer satisfaction

Every business has unique challenges. That’s why Live Oak IT provides individual attention and problem-solving – with fast turnaround.

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Incident Response

With fast turnaround and effective communication, discover why our customer satisfaction score is 98%.


Locating and combating the latest cybersecurity threats is something our company takes seriously.

IT Procurement

Whether you need PC or Apple products, IT procurement is a free service we offer to every client.

Managed IT Services

If you require staffing solutions or security advice, our managed IT service simplifies running a site.


Transitioning to home offices? Facing challenges related to remote work? We’ll help your team work from anywhere!

Co-Managed IT

If you’re at capacity or need part-time assistance, our experts work collaboratively with your team.

VCIO Services

Our vCIO services ensure that technological solutions align with your business strategy and budget.