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Live Oak’s highly qualified and experienced IT professionals have helped startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies succeed. Discover why we’re Texas’ top managed IT service company!

Do I Need Managed IT Services?

Digital businesses rely heavily on technology to streamline their operations and drive growth. By handing technical elements over to a capable MSP, your company can focus on what makes you shine.

Maybe you’re branching out into new IT avenues or facing security issues. Maybe you don’t have the capacity to handle the workload. Whatever the case, our managed IT services team is here to discuss potential solutions and optimizations.

Most businesses reach out to MSPs because:

  • Their current team lacks an IT department.
  • They’re unhappy with their current IT and/or security teams.
  • They’re currently unable to afford a full-time employee to address certain IT issues.
  • Their operations are so small, they only need a part-time professional.

Do I Need a Managed or Co-Managed IT Company?

When choosing between these services, you’ll need to consider your current team, budget, and needs.

A fully-managed IT company gives all IT responsibilities to an external provider. If you don’t need a full IT team, co-managed services are more flexible. Your in-house IT team and Live Oak will share responsibilities and involvement.

The Live Oak Approach

As your company evolves, so will your IT needs. By partnering with Live Oak, you’ll have the best managed IT services company to support you – every step of the way. With our effective and efficient team of experts handling the IT side of things, you’ll get back to running your company. After all, your success is our success.

The Benefits of a Managed Services Provider

Focus on What Matters Most

IT management consumes time and energy, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the industry. Outsourcing difficult IT tasks to a capable MSP increases focus on your core business goals.

Compliance & Regulation Adherence

It’s an MSP’s role to understand your industry’s regulations. We’ll ensure your systems comply with ever-evolving standards – and avoid potential legal penalties.

Enhanced Security

Our internal team specializes in implementing robust security measures to protect your business data and networks. From regular updates to patches to real-time threat detection, Live Oak ensures that your site is consistently protected.

Proactive IT Maintenance & Monitoring:

Live Oak’s experts monitor your business’ IT systems. By doing so, they anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate. Optimized systems mean minimized downtime and maximized productivity.

Access to State-of-the-Art Technologies

Live Oak is equipped with the industry’s most advanced tools and technologies to manage IT infrastructures. We provide our clients the competitive edge to perform more effectively.

Cost-Effective Solutions

An outsourced MSP removes the need for training and staffing your own employees. Many teams with small margins take advantage of this cost-effective solution, paying MSPs only for the required elements.

Scalability and Flexibility

Go Live Oak’s scalable solutions adapt as your business evolves.  From adding new users to updating hardware to integrating new security technology, we’re a managed IT support company that accommodates changes with ease.

Constant Support

Security and technical issues spring up all the time. To minimize downtime – and maximize productivity – our incredible support team tackles issues related to systems, databases, and applications.

Live Oak’s Managed IT Services

Live Oak offers unlimited support, both on-site and remote. Our team prides itself on providing 24/7 health and security monitoring of all systems in place

 Live Oak clients’ needs are wide-ranging and include the following:

  • Scaling operations
  • Maintaining networks and systems
  • Improving efficiency and productivity
  • Cybersecurity (system monitoring, network systems patching, training)
  • Remote work monitoring
  • End user management
  • Help desk services
  • Cloud migration
  • Compliance assistance
  • Hardware & software
  • Firewall management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security and patch management for all network devices
  • Vendor selection and management (e.g., copiers, A/V, VOIP system)
  • Limited 3rd party service and software support (with vendor involvement)

Exceeding Expectations Since 2014

At Live Oak, your business will always talk to real humans, not chatbots. We make it easy to resolve issues, streamline communication, and take care of IT tasks.

To remove security vulnerabilities (like adding and removing staff from working environments), Live Oak IT manages all client work under “one roof.”

No two businesses’ needs are the same. Once we get started, every enterprise receives a custom IT roadmap to identify gaps and craft a detailed plan of action.

We don’t believe in hidden fees. Our customers always know what they’re being charged for – before they receive a bill.

In order to identify and address IT issues, a proactive team ensures that there will be minimal disruptions down the line.

If you’ve recently had turnover or have never had an in-house team, it can be challenging to understand ever-evolving technologies and best practices. Every quarter, our experts will provide you with the highlights and recommendations.

Our team of IT professionals goes above and beyond to provide each partner with custom solutions.

We don’t take your trust lightly. That’s why we never outsource our customer service to other businesses or other countries. When you partner with us, you’re working with Live Oak – and only Live Oak

Whether you require hardware procurement, co-managed IT, or a vCIO, our custom services tick all of your boxes. 

Looking to take your business to the next level? Let’s talk!

98% customer satisfaction

Every business has unique challenges. That’s why Live Oak IT provides individual attention and problem-solving – with fast turnaround.

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