Managed IT

You’re not in the IT business, so why build an internal team to manage your infrastructure? Let our team of qualified professionals act as your virtual IT department for a fraction of the cost and get more time to focus on what you do best.

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Interaction with real people rather than robots.

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Upfront, honest pricing models.

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We cater to your individual business needs.

Our Approach

Every outsourced IT company can reset a password. Every company can create an email address. The act of opening and closing a trouble ticket, while still important, represents the most fundamental task in our industry, and unfortunately that’s where most outsourced IT firms’ scope of services ends.

Our Process


At Live Oak, we have two distinct service teams within our organization. The “Reactive Services” team and the “Proactive Services” team.

In “Proactive Services”, we have a group of experienced IT managers who are responsible for partnering with customers to serve as their IT leadership team. When a new customer is onboarded, our Proactive Services team spend a considerable amount of time with the customer’s leadership team to not only identify any potential issues in the IT environment, but also to learn as much as they can about how the business works and what company leadership predicts for the future.


We then produce an “IT Roadmap” that shows the current lay of the land, and also gives us a framework to work within to plan the company’s future IT needs. This Roadmap then becomes the center of all future planning meetings, and we are able to give our customer’s leadership team a plan and budget for their next several years of IT expenses.

The Live Oak Difference

We pride ourselves on our reputation for customer satisfaction. By focussing on our clients’ individual needs and treating them like human beings, we’ve been able to achieve an average of 98% satisfaction rating.

Our team is equipped with highly trained and experienced IT professionals who have experience working with businesses of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies.