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Onnit Case Study


monthly savings

19 minutes

avg. response time


satisfaction rate


Onnit employees

The Problem

Onnit is based in Austin, TX, and encompasses community members on a journey to joy, fitness, and self-improvement. This health, performance, and well-being company offers fitness classes and supplements. Onnit was looking for an IT solution with a fierce sense of urgency. Live Oak IT was able to transfer their existing services, secure internal data, and execute a new IT strategy in a single weekend.  

The Challenge

Onnit was functioning with one IT Director and was looking to hire a second IT member when they came to us. Their goal was to have a non-biased external arm to prevent an internal conflict of interest. We offered full IT support services for less than the cost of two full-time internal employees. Onnit needed to transfer their IT needs quickly. On a Thursday, we visited with their leadership team and had their entire operation up and running by Monday.  

The Solution

Once we arrived on site, we closed immediate security vulnerabilities, secured their network, transferred IT duties, and mitigated stress for Onnit. The Steering Committee involved in this project supported Onnit with guidance and a progress summary. We provided full IT support through a fast and functional help desk system, executed new employee setup, server setup, project management, planning, budgeting, and platform implementation. During the first few weeks of the process, we identified areas of improvement, addressed pre-existing issues, and proactively worked with leadership to determine areas of concern.

Since our partnership began more than two years ago, we’ve not only owned 100% of Onnit’s IT department, but our relationship has grown, and we acquired Onnit’s affiliate brands, Black Swan Yoga and the Onnit Gym.

We support Onnit with day-to-day activities and partner with them on all things IT. The average response time per help desk ticket is 19 minutes, with an overall satisfaction rate near 98%.

Our efforts saved Onnit more than 10% per month (around $11k) in IT salary costs, and we are currently supporting more than 100 Onnit employees.

The Story

Key Takeaways

Onnit has been a client of ours since the summer of 2018, and we look forward to more years of success with them. We’ve helped Onnit secure their network, improve their workflow, save thousands of dollars on payroll, and continue to offer on-going support to their staff. With many companies transitioning to work from home policies, it may be time to revisit your IT strategies. Our business model is designed to prevent a conflict of interest, ideal for virtual teams. We have all the remote capabilities necessary to execute a successful transition for any business. If you’d like to see how we might be able to serve your team, don’t hesitate to contact us.