We build systems designed to keep your data safe and secure. Keeping up with the latest threats and measures to combat them isn’t something you should take lightly, and neither do we.

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Our Approach

When you hear the term “IT Security”, you might think of things like firewalls and complicated passwords. In reality, IT Security goes far beyond that.

Our Process

preventative training

 While having a good firewall and strong password policy are important, we will also place an emphasis on things like training employees to identify threats. Companies are rarely breached by some complex hack, more often the breach comes from someone clicking on something they shouldn’t or by inadvertently allowing access to information that should be kept private. By providing constant IT security awareness training, we increase the chances that a threat will be detected in real time and prevented altogether.

tangigible security

 We also consider things like physical security when we evaluate a company’s security posture. What good is a complex password if you have it written on a sticky note and taped to your monitor? Any area of an office that houses sensitive company electronic information is evaluated, and we then highlight any vulnerabilities we’ve found.

The Live Oak Difference

We pride ourselves on our reputation for customer satisfaction. By focussing on our clients’ individual needs and treating them like human beings, we’ve been able to achieve an average of 98% satisfaction rating.

Our team is equipped with highly trained and experienced IT professionals who have experience working with businesses of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Cybersecurity Presentation

Below is a quick 16-minute video that serves as a quick primer for anyone wanting to know the basics of cyber security. We are also happy to do a live Zoom presentation for you or your staff, including time at the end for Q & A. We feel like employee awareness and training is the key first step to a successful cyber security posture.