Incident Response

When there’s a problem, time is of the essence. Our ticket submission system is easy to use, and fully-accessible right from your mobile devices. Once a ticket is received, our team mobilizes and responds within minutes. On average, we receive a 98% customer satisfaction rating on all ticket submissions.  

// human

Interaction with real people rather than robots.

// trustworthy

Upfront, honest pricing models.

// committed

Your success is our success.


We cater to your individual business needs.

Our Approach

In “Reactive Services”, our team of highly experienced engineers work to quickly categorize incoming IT issues, distribute them to the team member that can work the issue the most efficiently, and communicate expected timelines with the customer who is having the trouble. 

Our Process

COMmunication FIRST

While speed and accuracy are important, we’ve found that effective communication throughout the trouble ticket process is paramount to customer happiness, so we take time to train our staff how to over-communicate during the course of working on issues. 


Once the issue is identified, worked on and resolved, we then communicate with the customer on what we’ve found. We also place particular importance on translating potentially complex IT concepts into a more easily-understood explanation for the customer, allowing them to not only understand that their issue is resolved, but also what led to the issue coming up in the first place.

The Live Oak Difference

We pride ourselves on our reputation for customer satisfaction. By focussing on our clients’ individual needs and treating them like human beings, we’ve been able to achieve an average of 98% satisfaction rating.

Our team is equipped with highly trained and experienced IT professionals who have experience working with businesses of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies.